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David Allman to Act as Moderator of Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Special Institute Panel Discussion

David Allman will be a moderator of a panel discussion at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Special Institute on International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development, and Investment, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 11, 2019.

The panel will consist of both inside and external legal counsel, and will discuss Mineral Royalty Agreements and Steaming Agreements. Topics will include:

  • Understanding the modern royalty company business model in order to understand the modern royalty structure
  • Key elements of the modern royalty structure
  • Setting the table for a future royalty transfer
  • Royalties under various real property and insolvency regimes
  • Effects on negotiation and enforcement (costs and benefits)

David Allman a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB


David Allman

Laura Nichols Joins “Souper” Charity Soup Sisters

Laura Nichols, a business lawyer at EKB, joined forces with Vancouver-based businesses to volunteer at local not-for-profit Soup Sisters.

Soup Sisters organizes groups of volunteers to prepare soups for local shelters. The intention is to provide “a hug in a bowl” to women, children, and youth “through the making, sharing and donating of soup”.

Although Soup Sisters has deep roots in the Vancouver community, it has spread its charitable actions across North America and now has locations across Laura Nichols and Soup Sisters volunteersCanada and the United States. Since March 2009, Soup Sisters has delivered a staggering 1.5 million nourishing bowls of soup to women’s shelters and programs for youth in crisis.

EKB is proud to have partnered with the local charity and encourages anyone interested in becoming a Souper Hero to reach out, donate, or pick up a ladle and organize their own Soup Sisters event.

Laura and EKB would like to thank the generous donations from the representatives of the following local businesses:

Katie Gordon & Allison Sharkey—Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP
• Yuliya Lys — WestSKY Real Estate Group
• Richard Shum & Carmen So— TD Wealth Private Wealth Management
• Katherine Liu — Martin & Henry Chartered Accountants
• Peter Szeto — BMO Nesbitt Burns
• Devon Peck — Dives Harper & Stanger
• Sarah Peters & Kaitlyn Peters — Opus Hotel
• Justin Emilio — Justin Emilio Mortgage
• Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Soup Sisters Volunteers, including Laura Nichols











Laura Nichols, a business lawyer practicing at EKB, a Vancouver Law Firm


Laura Nichols

Annual All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala, Co-Chaired by Dave Turner, Raises Donations to New Record

Recently, the Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division hosted an excellent evening of games, delicious food and drinks, and a competitive poker tournament.

EKB Partner Dave Turner reprised his role as co-chair of the event, along with HSBC Bank Canada’s Chris Vecsey.

Guests of the Texas Hold’em poker tournament held nothing back when it came to their charitable donations. David Porte, the founder of Cassie and Friends, a non-profit, and the father of a child with juvenile arthritis, matched donations up to $60,000.

Dave Turner, EKB business lawyer, with special guest Wanda Huynh, and Chris Vecsey

Co-chairs David Turner & Chris Vecsey with Wanda Huynh, the gala’s special guest.
Image credit: Fred Lee, The Province

The guests’ generosity resulted in a record amount being raised this year. According to The Province, a “reported $140,000 was collected, a new fundraising standard for the West Coast edition, posting $40,000 more than last year’s record haul.” It seems that not all card sharks are cold-blooded.

Arthritis is a serious disease, causing pain and restricting mobility. According to the Arthritis Society: “1 in 5 Canadians live every day with arthritis and there is no cure.”

The Society is working to change that. With events held across Canada, the annual All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala has helped fund important research, raising over $3.4 million in the last 12 years.

Dave Turner and EKB are proud to support the Arthritis Society, as it works to improve the lives of the millions of Canadians who live with arthritis.

EKB Lawyers Attend Globalaw Annual Members Meeting in Dallas

Four EKB lawyers are attending Globalaw’s 2018 Annual Members Meeting, held this year in Dallas, Texas. This event is an opportunity to meet and share knowledge with our fellow lawyers and to learn from the perspective of general counsel and clients.

All around the world, technological innovation is confronting businesses with both opportunity and risk, from the possibilities of blockchain to cybersecurity concerns. Many companies are also becoming more international in their focus and must meet regulatory regimes across multiple jurisdictions. Global challenges and opportunities call for a global legal network, committed to providing businesses with exceptional, personalized legal services. Over the course of this annual meeting, EKB will learn from experts in diverse areas so that we can continue to advise our clients from a position of in-depth knowledge.

We are also proud to share our own areas of expertise with fellow Globalaw members. Kelly Samuels, partner, will be sharing insights as a panelist during a talk titled: “Bitcoin and Beyond – The Impact of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies on Business and the Law”.

Taking place on Friday, October 26th, this session will explore recent developments and legal implications of:

  • The broader adoption of cryptocurrencies
  • The continued development of smart contracts
  • Blockchain-based health data and medical records
  • Government adoption of blockchain for real estate title records and financing documents.
  • Blockchain use cases in the energy industry

Peter Brown, EKB partner, is also in attendance and serves on Globalaw’s board of directors and is the chair of the network’s membership committee. Riley LaLonde is participating in the 2018 Globalaw Leadership Program. Rod Urquhart is participating in a Managing Partners meeting. EKB is Globalaw’s sole representative in British Columbia.

Collaboration is a core value for our firm and for the more than 100 independent law firms that make up Globalaw’s international network. By working together, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. As Peter Brown observed: “By fostering ties with law firms internationally, EKB has represented clients from many countries and brought global legal services to our BC-based clients.”


Peter Brown

Fintech and Business in Vancouver: Fraser Hartley Joins Expert Panel to Share Insights

Last week, Fraser Hartley, partner and business lawyer at EKB, shared insights into the legal aspects of fintech as a member of a panel discussion hosted by Business in Vancouver (BIV). This discussion focused on helping small- and medium-sized business in BC make informed decisions in a rapidly changing landscape.

Along with Fraser, panellists included Pam Seale, Head of Marketing at Finn AI, and Blake Allan, Senior Manager at MNP. The panel’s discussion was moderated by Kirk LaPointe, BIV Editor-in-Chief.

Fraser Hartley, Pam Seale, Kirk LaPointe, Blake Allan

Fraser Hartley, Pam Seale, Kirk LaPointe, and Blake Allan – Photo by BIV

The term “fintech” encompasses a range of innovative technology that are disrupting the financial services industry. Fintech entrepreneurs aim to provide greater efficiency for both customers and businesses, reducing the cost associated with handling transactions, allowing for decentralized models, and creating new methods for securing business contracts.

Fraser Harley shares insights on Fintech – Photo by BIV

One such innovation, Initial coin offerings (ICO) have emerged as a crowdfunding method for startups that run on a blockchain. “Investors receive cryptographic ‘coins’ or ‘tokens’ in exchange for other established types of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ether, or for real dollars,” notes Fraser. As he pointed out during the BIV Business Excellence event: “There’s a lot of advantages to the ICO structure. It’s just a matter of balancing those advantages with making sure people don’t lose their shirt.”

The fintech industry is experiencing explosive growth, receiving $17.4 billion in investment last year alone. At the same time, fintech’s goal of “disrupting” the financial services industry has drawn the attention of regulators globally, who are struggling to keep pace with the new tech without smothering innovation.

Fraser Hartley and his fellow business lawyers at EKB remain committed to following these developments. To learn more about fintech, the law, and the ramifications for business in BC, follow the EKB Fintech Blog.



Frazer Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Fraser Hartley

EKB Lawyers Recognized in Best Lawyers and Who’s Who Legal Canada for Their Expertise

EKB is proud to announce that four of our business lawyers have been recognized by leading legal publications for their expertise: David Allman, Rod Urquhart, William Hartley, and Daniel Fetterly.

Best Lawyers, 2019:

David Allman has been named in the category of Mining Law: David has received this recognition continuously since 2014.

Rod Urquhart has been named in two categories: Administrative & Public Law and Corporate & Commercial Litigation. Rod has been listed in Best Lawyers for many years running.

William Hartley has been named in the category of Mergers & Acquisitions Law. Bill has previously been listed in Best Lawyers in Canada as a leading lawyer in this area.

Daniel Fetterly has been named “Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers for Aviation Law, Vancouver. Daniel has been recognized by Best Lawyers in Canada in the practice area of Aviation Law continuously from 2008.

Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review—David, Rod, Bill, and Daniel were selected by leading lawyers for their knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Who’s Who Legal Canada, 2018:

Daniel Fetterly has been recognized in the category of Aviation.

David Allman has been named in the category of Mining Law. David has received recognition in Who’s Who Legal Canada (mining) every year since 2012.

“Nominees have been selected based upon comprehensive, independent survey work with both general counsel and private practice lawyers worldwide.”— Who’s Who Legal

These recognitions attest to the skill of our lawyers and their ability to provide businesses in BC with the highest quality of legal service.


David Allman a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

David Allman

rodney urquhart vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picrure

Rod Urquhart

William Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

William Hartley

Daniel Fetterly a business litigation lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Daniel Fetterly

Fraser Hartley Shares Insights on Impact of Recreational Marijuana on Canadian Alcohol Market

Recently, the Senate passed the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) which means that Canadians will be able to purchase and use cannabis for recreational purposes as of October 17th.

What effect will this development have on the alcohol and tobacco markets? Business Chief reached out to EKB Partner Fraser Hartley for his insights on the subject. Their article was also re-published by the European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM).

“Industry participants are of the view that legalisation will accelerate recreational adoption even further, with some predicting the recreational cannabis market will be comparable in size to markets for other recreational products such as wine and spirits by 2021,” Fraser observed. “It is likely that growth in the cannabis sector will come at some expense to the market for alcohol as millennials, in particular, have shown that they view marijuana as a substitute for alcohol in many circumstances.”

Business Chief pointed to a report from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), which predicts that the legal recreational cannabis market could be as worth as much as $6.5bn by 2020. That would put the market for cannabis ahead of the current domestic market for alcoholic spirits, $5.1 billion in 2017. Although this is still substantially less than the $9.2 billion Canadians spent on beer this past year.

“Given the potential opportunity, it is no surprise that a flurry of activity has occurred as production, processing and distribution prepare to move from small-scale underground operations to commercial scale businesses,” Fraser noted.

EKB will be following these developments closely including the implications for business owners and employers. If you have questions about how legalized marijuana might impact your business, get in touch with the business lawyers at EKB.

Frazer Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Fraser Hartley

B.C. Securities Commission Crackdown on Unregistered Securities Offerings: Kelly Samuels Interviewed by Vancouver Sun

In many ways, it’s still the Wild West when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Beware the snake oil salesman, promising high gains and fast money.

But the regulators are moving to crack down on fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency-related investment products. On May 22nd, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) joined forces with watchdogs in the U.S. in what is being called “Operation Cryptosweep”. The task force will be headed by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) in concert with state and provincial regulators.

The Vancouver Sun reached out to Kelly Samuels, an EKB business lawyer with expertise in financial technology (fintech), about this new development for crypto-markets.

Samuels observed that a “surge in interest around cryptocurrencies has made a relatively new market ripe for fraud.”

Regarding ICO’s, Samuels noted that: “It’s a new reality that we have this different tool companies can use to raise money, whether legitimately or fraudulently,” she said. “Regulators are rightly pointing out that investors need to be aware. Because it’s difficult to police the whole internet.”

Both the NASAA and BCSC are actively engaged in investigations and inquiries. The target of Operation Cryptosweep is primarily unregistered securities offerings. As Samuels pointed out to Vancouver Sun, investors aren’t directly subject to crackdown or punishments but regulations get murkier once investors resell their coins from a purchase that was not in compliance with B.C. law.

Similar concerns about opportunistic and deceptive practices lead to Google, Facebook, and Twitter banning cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advertising from their platforms early this year.

While there are legitimate uses for ICOs—and for fintech more generally—anyone looking to invest in this market should do their research, proceed with extreme caution, and understand the current legal landscape.

As always, we will be following these developments closely in the EKB Fintech Blog.


Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

Kelly Samuels to Discuss Blockchain Revolution with BIV

On April 25th, Kelly Samuels, partner and business lawyer, will discuss the emerging technology of blockchain with a panel of industry experts at Business in Vancouver’s Business Excellence Series: The Blockchain Revolution.

Blockchain is a decentralized, regularly updated database that is distributed across a network of computers. As Business in Vancouver notes: “The transparent, verifiable, inexpensive record is at the heart of a revolution in financial technologies that stand to alter business models and economic and social systems.”

Opinions on these new financial technologies range widely, with Bitcoin being especially divisive. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has famously described Bitcoin as “a fraud” and referring to a 17th-century speculation mania, as “worse than Tulip Bulbs”. On the other hand, Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal, has called it the “the beginning of something great”.

Bitcoin is only one popular manifestation of Blockchain, the underlying technology which allows for the efficient transfer of funds. Blockchain also has the potential to streamline complex procedures. This new technology offers BC business leaders an opportunity to rethink current business practices and, potentially, to benefit from the blockchain revolution.

With experience in the financial technology space, Kelly Samuels will be providing a unique legal perspective on what the blockchain revolution means for businesses in BC.

For regular updates on the world of blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, follow the EKB Fintech blog.


Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

Dave Turner Interviewed on Global News Regarding Dismissal of Allegedly Rude French Waiter

French waiter Guillaume Rey was fired from a popular Vancouver restaurant.

The employer, Milestones, alleges that Rey was rude and disrespectful. Not at all, Rey has countered, he’s just French. The story has been picked up by the Guardian, BBC, the Washington Post, and Vanity Fair among other worldwide outlets.

Global News’ Robin Gill reached out to Dave Turner, employment lawyer and EKB partner, for his thoughts on Rey’s case. “He was saying, ‘I’m French and this is how I speak and you just didn’t understand that I wasn’t being aggressive, I wasn’t yelling, that’s just how French people speak,’” Dave told Global National.

The case raises an interesting issue, and there is some legal precedent from Ontario that arguably supports Mr. Rey’s position. However, before he can even get to the law, Mr. Rey has to overcome a critical factual dispute over what happened at the key confrontation, which Dave noted to Global was “going to be a real he said, she said.”

Dave Turner is head of the employment group at EKB and regularly addresses human rights disputes.

david turner vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picture

David Turner
Partner, Business Litigation

Fraser Hartley to Share Insights During SFU Panel Discussion: Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and the Future of Work

On March 6, Fraser Hartley will join a panel of experts to discuss blockchain and the implications for businesses in BC and around the world.

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, Fraser will be speaking as a panelist on Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and the Future of Work. This event is organized by the Graduate Business Student Association at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

Fraser will share insight into the legal implications of blockchain and discuss what this technology means for BC business with a panel of fintech experts, industry leaders, and notable researchers.

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain’s Potential for Business

Bitcoin’s volatile rise in value has caused many to overlook the potential of blockchain, the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a decentralized and public ledger that can be used to record transactions. Since this database is shared and continually reconciled across a network, there is no single point of failure, creating a secure system. This design also allows for a transparent record of exchange.

Traditionally, when two banks want to make a transfer of funds, they temporarily lock access or affect the balance during the transfer, before updating the other ledger and re-opening access. We can think of this exchange as analogous to two parties sharing a single Microsoft Word document and passing it back and forth to make edits. In contrast to this, some commentators have used the analogy of Google Docs to explain how blockchain works. With Google Docs, all parties have access to the same document simultaneously. They can both make edits to the document and see the changes reflected in real time, reducing the time spent shuffling a document back and forth.

It is easy to see how this concept of a shared and decentralized exchange, when applied to financial transactions, might lead to lower transactional costs. The potential benefits of blockchain go beyond this to include smart contracts, instructions written in code that can self-execute. This has implications for nearly every industry.

“The notion of shared public ledgers may not sound revolutionary or sexy. Neither did double-entry book-keeping or joint-stock companies. Yet, like them, the blockchain is an apparently mundane process that has the potential to transform how people and businesses co-operate.”—The Economist

Want to learn more about how blockchain will affect business? Follow the EKB Fintech Blog for more insights from Fraser Hartley and EKB lawyers on blockchain, fintech, and the law.

Frazer Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Fraser Hartley

All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala, Co-chaired by EKB Partner Dave Turner, Raises Funds for Childhood Arthritis Research

The second annual All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala, co-chaired by EKB Partner Dave Turner and Chris Vescey, HSBC Assistant Vice President, brought together a full-house to raise funds for research into childhood arthritis.

EKB Partner and Lawyer David Turner and Chris Vescey, HSBC, co-chair the 2018 All in For Arthritis Poker Gala 2018

Chris Vescey, HSBC Assistant Vice President, and Dave Turner, EKB Partner, chaired the Texas Hold-em poker tournament

200 cardplayers from B.C.’s business and corporate sector assembled at Terminal City Club, going all-in to support an important and often overlooked cause. While every participant tried to put on a poker face, in the end, they could not hide their generosity. The gala raised nearly $100,000 to be used for research.

The Arthritis Society estimates that “as many as 24,000 Canadian children aged 18 and under live with a form of arthritis”. A complicated condition, there are hundreds of types of arthritis all requiring further study.

The Province captured the gratitude of Christine Basque, executive director of the Arthritis Society, B.C. and Yukon Region: “Thank you to everyone. Every dollar raised tonight will help take us closer to our goal — a goal we all share — to stop childhood arthritis in its track.”


Kelly Samuels to Share Blockchain Insights at Business in Vancouver’s Panel Discussion

EKB Partner and Business Lawyer Kelly Samuels will be discussing blockchain as a panelist this Thursday, January 18th, at the Business in Vancouver Understanding Blockchain event.    

Flip through the business section of any paper and you will likely spot the word “Blockchain”, the ledger behind Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may get the majority of the headlines, but blockchain, the underlying technology, has the potential to create disruptions all across the financial industry, as a secure and transparent digital ledger, and to transform how businesses in diverse industries carry out secure transactions, through the use of smart contracts.

For all its potential, blockchain is often misunderstood, met with skepticism, or dismissed as a passing fad. Kelly Samuels and the other BIV panelists will be addressing common misconceptions while exploring the opportunities for businesses in BC.

As with any transformative technology, fintech raises new legal issues. Blockchain may be digital and decentralized, but it is still subject to laws related to commercial transactions, financial services, privacy, and security regulations, and often the regulatory framework of multiple jurisdictions. Our EKB Fintech Blog tracks developments at the intersection of financial technology and the law.

Businesses looking to make use of blockchain and fintech will need to successfully navigate a complex regulatory framework. With experience advising both established financial services companies and startups, Kelly Samuels and the EKB Financial Services Team are ready to provide assistance in this complex and promising area.


Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

EKB Partner Kelly Samuels Presents on Fintech at CBA West Conference

EKB Partner Kelly Samuels presented at the CBA West Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 17, 2017. Along with recognized fintech legal expert, Christine Duhaime, Kelly presented on the topic of innovation in the financial sector and the disruption of traditional currency models.

Bitcoin” is a term that has been in the news almost daily with its price volatility (and specifically its significant jumps in value), but fintech encompasses more than just virtual currency. Peer to peer lending platforms, crowdfunding, robo-advising, money transfer technologies and initial coin offerings are some examples of disruptive financial technologies. Numerous legal issues can arise with respect to the regulation of companies active in this space. To learn more about developments in this sector, follow the EKB Fintech blog.

Kelly and Christine discussed these and other issues in their presentation.

Find out more about CBA West and these presentations.

Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

Terry Stewart Retires

After 43 years in the legal profession, all of them at EKB, associate counsel Terry Stewart will be retiring effective December 22, 2017.

Terrence Stewart a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Terry obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree in 1971 and his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1974, both from UBC. Terry started at EKB in 1974 as an articled student to Jack Edwards and was called to the BC Bar in 1975. He became a partner in 1978 and associate counsel in 2016.

Terry’s primary focus during his legal career has been on business law in the areas of corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, financing and commercial real estate. Terry developed an expertise in multiple industries, including heavy equipment, aviation, and pharmacy.

For many years, Terry has been recognized as a leading legal practitioner in corporate law and asset equipment finance and leasing. He has been listed in Best Lawyers Canada, Martindale-Hubbell (BV Distinguished Peer Review Rated) and Lexpert.

Terry’s contributions extend beyond his clients, to the legal community as well. Among other things, he has been an editorial board member of the award-winning Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (“CLE”) publication, Advising BC Business, has been an author and a lecturer for CLE’s Buying and Selling a Business: Annotated Precedents, and was an author and a lecturer for the CLE publication, Personal Property Security Act Practice Manual.

Terry’s many contributions to the legal community and to EKB, in particular, will be missed. Terry embodies the collegial spirit of EKB and we will miss having him here. We wish him all the best in his retirement.


EKB Partner Kelly Samuels to Present on Fintech at CBA West 2017 Conference

EKB partner Kelly Samuels will be a co-presenter at the Canadian Bar Association’s CBA West 2017 Conference, along with Christine Duhaime, a recognized expert in the areas of FinTech and blockchain law. Their presentation is titled, “The Future is Now: FinTech – Bitcoin, Blockchain and Other Virtual Currencies.  Both Kelly and Christine have legal practices with focuses on the evolving FinTech sector and the legal implications of that technology in Canada. Kelly is also the author of the EKB FinTech Blog.

The conference is being held at the Wynn Las Vegas on the weekend of November 17 to 19. EKB partner Rod Urquhart is on the organizing committee and is also attending the conference.

Find out more about the CBA West 2017 Conference.

Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

EKB Partner David Allman and Associate Counsel Alan Monk Speak at CLEBC Mining Law Course

EKB lawyers David Allman and Alan Monk shared their expertise at the Mining Law Conference, presented by the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, on October 12, 2017. David and Alan’s presentation was titled, “Royalty Companies’ Effect on Royalty Agreements and Other Recent Trends”.

David and Alan discussed topics such as the nature of a royalty, provisions found in “traditional” royalty agreements, and new provisions found in agreements used by royalty companies. They also gave an example of the importance of a royalty being an interest in land.

In the paper presented at CLEBC, David and Alan describe how mining companies have used royalties as a source of financing. In addition, this paper outlines certain common royalty provisions and discusses the potential loss of royalties upon the bankruptcy and insolvency of the property owner.



David Allman a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

David Allman

Alan Monk a business lawyer at Vancouver law firm EKB

Alan Monk


EKB Partner Angela Folino Speaks at King County Bar Association’s 44th Annual Pacific Northwest Aviation Law & Insurance Conference

On September 23, 2017, EKB partner, Angela Folino, spoke at the 44th Annual Pacific Northwest Aviation Law & Insurance Conference at the Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, Washington. The conference was organized by the King County Bar Association’s Aviation and Space Law Section and sponsored by Lane Powell PC, Paramount Law Group PLLC and Cozen O’Connor.

The conference featured a number of speakers over the course of September 22 to 24, 2017, including featured speaker Colleen Mondor, author of the novel The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska.

Angela’s talk was a case study that focused on the duty of care of Canadian regulatory authorities in the context of a NAFTA-registered aircraft.

Angela Folino Vancouver Business Litigation Lawyer Featured Bio Picture

Angela Folino

EKB Hosts Employment Law Seminar for BC Business Leaders

On September 14, 2017, EKB partners Dave Turner, Rod Urquhart and Angela Folino presented a seminar titled, “Your Obligations as an Employer in Awkward Situations: Bullying, Disability, Addiction and Termination”.

The seminar was well attended by BC employers, HR personnel, and Vancouver business leaders. By all accounts, it was an informative and entertaining morning.

The topics discussed included:

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

EKB Managing Partner Rodney Urquhart started off the seminar with a presentation that outlined the various statutes that cover bullying and harassment in the workplace. Rod discussed Workers’ Compensation Act and the Workers’ Compensation Occupational Health and Safety Policies that set out the framework for employer and employee responsibilities. Rod also outlined strategies for how employers might deal with workplace bullying and harassment. As well, Rod led the audience through a review of the compensation claim process, along with a discussion of related human rights issues.

Just (Be)Cause: When Firing an Employee is Justified

This presentation by EKB partner and business lawyer, David Turner, explained the benefits and dangers of alleging just cause (often referred to simply as “cause”) in terminating an employee. Dave observed that termination for cause is the “capital punishment” of employment law and, as a result, the courts have established a very high standard for employers to meet in order to dismiss an employee without notice or pay in lieu of notice.  The courts have established principles such as taking a contextual approach and applying a proportional response to the alleged conduct, but many decisions from courts across Canada are difficult to reconcile. This presentation, and the accompanying article, was titled “Just (Be)Cause” to reflect the view of many employers that the troublingly inconsistent case law in this area appears arbitrary and unprincipled.

Legalizing Marijuana: Addiction & Accommodation

In this timely presentation, EKB Partner Angela Folino outlined the impact of medical marijuana use on the employer-employee relationship as well as changes that employers might expect once the recreational use of marijuana is legalized. With the legalization of recreational marijuana on the horizon and the use of marijuana to treat disabilities becoming more prevalent, employers are faced with situations that they may not have encountered before. Human rights laws require employers to accommodate employees with disabilities to the point of undue hardship. Angela noted that the duty to accommodate must be carefully balanced with the employer’s duty to maintain a safe workplace.

Terminating the Disabled or Soon to be Disabled Employee

EKB Managing Partner Rodney Urquhart addressed the thorny issue of long-term disability as it relates to job termination. The dangers that employers may face in terminating an employee who becomes disabled were highlighted in this presentation, including the possibility of the employer becoming the de facto insurer of a disabled former employee. As well, Rod discussed the risks of terminating an employee who is on long-term disability, including the real risk of human rights complaints and the compensation employers may be required to pay.

Employment Standards: You Might Think You’re Out When You’re In & In When You’re Out

The title of this presentation by EKB Partner David Turner, “You Might Think You’re Out When You’re In & In When You’re Out”, signifies the difficulties faced by employers when either trying to reference and rely on the Employment Standards Act in their employment contracts, or when trying to avoid the Act by hiring managers and independent contractors. Dave’s presentation provided an overview on a variety of topics of importance to employers and HR including determining whether a termination provision will be upheld, how to keep the employment contract in place in light of promotions or transfers, and factors the courts and the Employment Standards Tribunal will consider in determining an employee’s status as a manager as well as whether a worker’s relationship with the employer is more akin to that of an employee or an independent contractor.

Covering a wide spectrum of timely subjects, this EKB seminar sought to assist BC employers with navigating the most difficult matters. The Employment Law group extends our thanks to all who attended. We welcome your suggestions for future seminar topics that may be of interest to your business. For further information, or to submit your ideas for the next seminar, contact the head of EKB’s practice group, Dave Turner.


david turner vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picture

David Turner
Partner, Business Litigation

EKB Welcomes Alan Monk as Associate Counsel

EKB is pleased to announce that Alan Monk has joined our firm as Associate Counsel. Alan has practiced corporate/commercial law, securities/corporate finance, and mining law for over 20 years. He has a broad corporate and commercial practice and his securities practice includes public and private financings, initial public offerings and advising on disclosure, governance, and regulatory matters.

Find out more about Alan Monk’s experience in business law.

Welcome, Alan!

Alan Monk a business lawyer at Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Alan Monk
Associate Counsel

EKB Partner, Kelly Samuels, to speak at the Mexi-Can Forum on September 7, 2017

EKB partner, Kelly Samuels, will be a panelist at the third annual Mexi-Can Forum being held on September 7, 2017. The event will be held at UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.

This year’s Forum, NAFTA Without Walls, will bring together Mexican and Canadian experts from industry, government, research, education and not for profits to share their perspectives around the future of NAFTA and the Canadian and Mexican economies.

Kelly is participating in a panel entitled “Moving Forward, Innovation, Technology & Education” and will focus her comments on the financial technology sector.

Kelly is a corporate commercial lawyer who advises credit unions in all aspects of their businesses, including regulatory compliance and privacy matters. She has a special interest in the evolving fintech sector in Canada and its potential applications of decentralized blockchain technology.


Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

EKB Partner Kelly Samuels to Speak at the Business in Vancouver FinTech Seminar on September 12, 2017

EKB partner, Kelly Samuels, will be a panelist at Business in Vancouver’s Business Excellence Series discussion on FinTech on September 12, 2017. The event will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Financial technology, or FinTech, is an emerging aspect of the financial services sector in which digital technology is applied to traditional financial products and services. The term encompasses everything from mobile banking to robo-advising, peer-to-peer lending, crypto currencies such as bitcoin and more. It is disrupting the way business has been traditionally conducted. Financial institutions and businesses alike are navigating their way through the complex regulatory landscape, which is struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation.

The panel features industry players as well as professionals and will focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses make informed decisions in this emerging area.

Kelly is a corporate commercial lawyer who advises credit unions in all aspects of their businesses, including regulatory compliance and privacy matters. She has a special interest in the evolving FinTech sector in Canada and its potential applications of decentralized blockchain technology.


Kelly Samuels a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBContact:
Kelly Samuels

EKB Lawyers Named in Best Lawyers in Canada, 2018

EKB partners Rod Urquhart, David Allman, and Geoff Sherrott, and associate counsel Bill Hartley, Dan Fetterly and Terry Stewart, have all been selected by their peers for inclusion in the 12th edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada, 2018.

Rod has been selected for his work in the areas of Administrative and Public Law and Corporate and Commercial Litigation; David has been included for his work in Mining Law; Geoff has been chosen for his work in Corporate Law; Bill has been selected for his work in Mergers and Acquisitions Law; Dan has been chosen for his work in Aviation Law and Product Liability Law; and Terry has been selected for Corporate Law and Equipment Finance Law.

In addition, Terry has been named the 2018 Vancouver Equipment Finance Law “Lawyer of the Year”.

Rod, David, Geoff, Bill, Dan and Terry have all been recognized in previous editions of The Best Lawyers in Canada.

EKB congratulates these lawyers on their achievement!


EKB Best Lawyers in Canada, 2018

rodney urquhart vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picrure

Rod Urquhart

David Allman a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

David Allman

Geoffrey Sherrott a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Geoff Sherott

William Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Bill Hartley

Daniel Fetterly a business litigation lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Dan Fetterly

Terrence Stewart a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Terry Stewart


EKB Associate Isabel Romeral Appointed Executive Member of CBA BC Business Law Section and Editor for Business Law Quarterly

EKB Associate Isabel Romeral has been appointed to the Executive of the Business Law Section of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association for the 2017/2018 term. Isabel was also recently involved in creating the Business Law Quarterly, which launched in Q1 2017, and she now leads the team in sourcing articles on topical issues relevant to the practice of business law in BC and other jurisdictions across Canada. You can read the Business Law Quarterly here on the BC CBA Business Law website.


Isabel Romeral Vancouver business lawyer at EKB
Isabel Romeral

The Head of EKB’s Employment Law Group, Dave Turner, Speaks on Employment Law at the YWCA FOCUS@Work Program

EKB partner and employment lawyer, Dave Turner, was a guest speaker at YWCA’s FOCUS@Work program. Dave spoke to the group about employment law issues arising in the hiring process, during the employment, and upon termination.

YWCA’s FOCUS@Work program helps women find work by assessing their skills and strengths, setting personal and work goals, and developing skills to obtain meaningful employment. The FOCUS@Work program allows women to improve their confidence, build connections, and network.

EKB’s Employment Law team provides advice and representation on all aspects of employment law. Find out more about our services and the EKB Employment Law team. 


david turner vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picture

David Turner
Partner, Business Litigation

EKB Managing Partner Rod Urquhart Attends Globalaw Managing Partners’ Forum

EKB’s Managing Partner, Rod Urquhart, attended the Globalaw Managing Partners’ Forum on July 13 and 14, 2017. The Forum was held at the offices of Globalaw member firm Hanson Bridgett LLP in San Francisco, California. Managing partners of eight Globalaw firms from across North America attended this event.

The managing partners discussed the various ways that the Globalaw network assists clients in seamlessly solving legal problems throughout North America and globally and the ways in which the member firms can further enhance this network. The overwhelming consensus was that the Globalaw network of independent law firms was working well for their clients and the lawyers in those firms. The managing partners resolved to take steps to work collaboratively to enhance their ability to serve the needs of their clients through this network.


rodney urquhart vancouver business litigation lawyer profile picrure

Rodney Urquhart
Managing Partner

EKB Acts for Management Team in Buy Out of Doubletree Forest Products

EKB’s Business Law team led by Fraser Hartley and assisted by Riley Lalonde and Larissa Dziubenko acted for a management group in the recent acquisition of Doubletree Forest Products.

Doubletree has been at the heart of the Canadian softwood lumber industry since its founding forty years ago and it has been working with mills and lumber buyers in the Pacific Northwest ever since. The purchasers look forward to continuing the success at Doubletree started by the company’s founders, the Reynolds family.

EKB worked closely with the purchasers throughout the acquisition by providing strategic advice, performing legal due diligence and preparing and negotiating the acquisition documents, shareholders agreement and financing documents for the acquisition.


Frazer Hartley a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB
Fraser Hartley

Brent Kenny, Q.C., Celebrates 60th Year Anniversary of Call to the Bar

EKB co-founder and Associate Counsel, Brenton D. Kenny, Q.C., recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of his Call to the Bar of British Columbia.

Brent graduated from UBC Law School (now the Peter A. Allard School of Law) in 1956 and started his practice with Paine Edmonds LLP in 1957. He joined Jack Edwards and John Bouck in 1968 in what was then Bouck & Edwards and, upon his arrival, the firm became Bouck, Edwards & Kenny. Ron Bray joined soon thereafter and the firm became known as Bouck, Edwards, Kenny & Bray. After John Bouck’s appointment to the Bench, the firm renamed itself Edwards, Kenny & Bray, ultimately becoming Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP, which has remained the firm’s name ever since.

Brent has had a long and distinguished career and is well respected as one of Vancouver’s eminent solicitors. He earned his Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.) designation in 1990 and continues to practice to this day.

Congratulations to Brent on this milestone!


brent kenny vancouver business lawyer profile picture

Brenton D. Kenny, Q.C.
Associate Counsel

Larissa Dziubenko Joins EKB as an Associate

EKB is pleased to announce that Larissa Dziubenko has joined the firm as an Associate. Larissa provides companies with advice on a broad range of business law matters including incorporations, reorganizations, acquisitions, financings, and real estate transactions. She is especially interested in helping Fintech clients navigate the complex nexus of emerging technology, corporate law, and regulation.

Previously, Larissa articled with EKB, demonstrating her ability to deliver solutions for our clients. She has gained experience in the tech sector by working in the legal department of a Vancouver-based technology company and traveled to Japan to teach English.

Welcome to EKB, Larissa!

Larissa Dziubenko

EKB Partner Peter Brown to attend Globalaw Americas Regional Meeting

EKB partner Peter Brown is the Chair of the Membership Committee and a Director of Globalaw, an international legal network of over 110 member law firms with more than 5,000 members worldwide.

The Americas region of Globalaw includes member firms in Canada, the US, Caribbean, and Central and South America. This year’s Americas regional meeting is being held in Bogota, Colombia from June 8 to 10, 2017. It is expected that a number of general counsel and executives from Colombian companies operating in various industries, including food and drink manufacturing, technology, oil and gas, and real estate, will be in attendance at the various sessions.



Peter Brown

EKB & Globalaw: Areas of Eminence of North American Member Firms

Authored by Angela Folino and Peter Brown

EKB is a member of Globalaw, an international network of independent law firms providing access to legal services for clients all over the world. In an effort to ensure that each of the North American Globalaw member firms can properly share information about their respective specialized or unique areas of practice, EKB participated in an effort to compile that information into a document listing each firm’s “areas of eminence”. That effort resulted in the creation of this listing of Globalaw North American Member Firms’ specialized and unique practices.

EKB is proud to have developed niche practice areas in corporate asset equipment leasing and financing, aviation litigation, regulatory and administrative law, mining and natural resources, financial institutions (including FinTech and Credit Unions), construction and builders’ lien litigation and shareholder and business partnership disputes, among others.

With the truly global reach of the Globalaw network, EKB is well-positioned to assist clients in many areas of corporate/commercial law in 85 countries.

Terry Stewart and Dan Fetterly Named in 2017 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory

We are proud to announce that Lexpert, a leading Canadian legal publication, has recognized Dan Fetterly and Terry Stewart for excellence in their respective areas of practice. With 23 years of experience in aviation-related litigation, Dan Fetterly has been recognized in the 2017 Directory as one of the foremost practitioners in Aviation. Dan has represented a variety of clients, with an emphasis on manufacturers of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, in numerous litigation matters arising primarily from aviation accidents. Terry Stewart has over 40 years of experience as a lawyer, all of them at EKB. This year, Terry has been honoured by Lexpert as a leading lawyer in Asset Equipment Finance/Leasing. Terry practices as a solicitor in the area of business law. He routinely advises on general corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on equipment sales and finance.

Lexpert publishes its Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory annually. Both Terry Stewart and Dan Fetterly have been recommended repeatedly by Lexpert for their expertise and their commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. Congratulations to Dan and Terry!


Daniel Fetterly a business litigation lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Dan Fetterly

Terrence Stewart a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB

Terry Stewart





EKB Partner Angela Folino Appointed Vice President of the Lawyers’ Inn Society

EKB Partner Angela Folino was acclaimed as the Vice President of the Lawyers’ Inn Society at its Annual General Meeting held on May 17, 2017. She will be serving her term alongside President Naz Mitha, Secretary Peter Roberts, and Treasurer Emily Chee. Angela was first elected to the Lawyers’ Inn Society’s Board of Directors in May 2016.

The Lawyers’ Inn Society, established in 1972, operates the Law Courts Inn. The mission of the Lawyers’ Inn Society is to foster and promote understanding, cooperation, the exchange of ideas and comradeship among all members of the legal profession, and to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of interest to its members. The Law Courts Inn restaurant is located in the Supreme Court Courthouse in Vancouver. It has hosted many events for the Bench and Bar of our province and is a favoured spot among couples as a wedding venue.

Read more about The Lawyers’ Inn Society and the Law Courts Inn. 

Angela Folino Vancouver Business Litigation Lawyer Featured Bio Picture

Angela Folino

Rod Urquhart and Laura Morrison Presented to the BC Funeral Association at their 2017 AGM

EKB Partner Rod Urquhart and Associate Laura Morrison attended the 2017 Annual General Meeting and Conference of the BC Funeral Association on May 3, 2017. They presented at a Town Hall Meeting about Consumer Protection BC regulation of the funeral services industry.

Rod and Laura provided an overview of the statutory and regulatory framework of Consumer Protection BC and its powers concerning the regulation of funeral services industries. Specific topics included investigation and enforcement powers, preneed reporting, and regulatory obligations. Rod and Laura answered questions on these and other related topics in a roundtable discussion with attendees and offered practical advice in dealing with the regulator.

Find out more about the BC Funeral Association and its AGM and conference.

Rod Urquhart and Laura Morrison to present at the BC Funeral Association’s 2017 AGM and Conference

Rod Urquhart and Laura Morrison will be sharing their legal expertise at this year’s BC Funeral  Association’s annual conference (May 2, 2017– May 4, 2017). They will be presenting during the session on Regulation—A Moderated Town Hall Meeting, May 3rd 8:45 am to 10 am.

BC Funeral AssociationThe purpose of this town hall meeting is to present information to cemetery, cremation, and funeral service professionals and to hear their concerns and opinions. This meeting will seek to address both immediate and long-term concerns such as preneed reporting, industry obligations to the regulator, accountability, communications, regulator investigative authority and other key issues affecting the profession. This town hall meeting will aim to lay the framework for better regulations going forward. EKB is proud to be involved in shaping meaningful change in the BC Funeral Industry.

Terry Stewart and Fraser Hartley Speak at BC Pharmacy Association Seminar

EKB associate counsel, Terry Stewart, and partner, Fraser Hartley, spoke on March 30, 2017, in a webinar on “Business Basics for Starting or Acquiring a Pharmacy: What You Need to Know”. The webinar was presented by the British Columbia Pharmacy Association in association with Scotiabank.

Terry and Fraser spoke about legal issues encountered by pharmacy owners, alongside other panelists covering valuation, design, financing, business planning, and strategic considerations.

The British Columbia Pharmacy Association is a not-for-profit organization with a membership of over 3,150 practicing pharmacists and nearly 1,000 pharmacies. The association is focused on supporting and advancing the professional and economic interests of community pharmacists and pharmacies in British Columbia. Click here to learn more about the British Columbia Pharmacy Association.

EKB Continues Support of BC Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society LogoIn Canada alone, 4.6 million adults and children live with arthritis. This chronic, and sometimes debilitating, condition affects people of all ages: three out of five under the age of 65. For many years, lawyers at EKB have worked alongside The Arthritis Society to improve the well-being of arthritis patients. Bill Hartley, Associate Counsel, presently serves as Chair of the BC Division of The Arthritis Society, and on the Society’s National Board of Directors. EKB Partner Dave Turner has also joined the effort. Recently, Dave fronted the inaugural All-in for Arthritis Poker Gala. This inaugural event raised a fantastic $85,000 for the Arthritis Society’s B.C. and Yukon chapter: money which will be used to send kids with arthritis off to summer camp. EKB will continue to work with The Arthritis Society to set lives in motion and usher in a future free from arthritis.

Isabel Romeral Joins EKB as an Associate

Isabel Romeral Vancouver business lawyer at EKB

EKB is pleased to announce that Isabel Romeral has joined the firm as an Associate. Isabel practices in the areas of wills, estates, and trusts, as well as business law.

During her time in law school, she was one of the founding members of the Calgary Innocence Project, where she conducted research into wrongful convictions. Since then, Isabel has served as in-house counsel for a biotech start-up and as a corporate solicitor for a boutique downtown law firm.

We welcome Isabel to the firm and look forward to her sharing her commitment to excellence with our clients.

Doug Harrison Retires

douglas harrison commercial real estate lawyer bio pictureAfter more than 30 years at EKB, Doug Harrison has retired effective December 31, 2016.

Doug was called to the British Columbia Bar in 1973. He gained extensive experience in drafting legislation and understanding the manner in which governments make decisions while being seconded to the BC Ministry of the Attorney General and during his time acting as regional corporate counsel for a large integrated Canadian corporation. During his time at EKB, Doug acted primarily as a solicitor practicing business law, but his talents (and interest) sometimes took him into litigation matters as well.

Doug’s knowledge and experience has earned him the respect of his peers, both inside EKB and externally. Doug will especially be missed around the office as a wealth of information for his colleagues. We wish Doug all the best in his retirement!


EKB Logo and Website Win Platinum and Gold in 2016 MarCom Awards

We are excited to announce that EKB recently received a Platinum award for “Logo Design” and Gold award for “Website-Legal and Law Firm” in the 2016 MarCom Awards.

MarCom is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious creative competitions in the world for marketing and communication professionals.

Last year, we partnered with fSquared Marketing, a leading strategic consulting and marketing firm for law firms, to launch our new brand and website. We consistently receive positive comments from clients and colleagues on our new branding and are pleased to receive this recognition.

The judges at MarCom are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. Winners are selected from over 300 categories in Print, Web, Video and Strategic Communications. EKB is proud to have been selected out of 6500 entries as a winner for its brand identity, and in the Website – Legal and Law Firm category.

For more information please contact Fraser Hartley, Partner, EKB or Lynn Foley, Partner & CEO, fSquared Marketing.


David Allman named in Chambers Latin America 2017 for Mining Projects

David Allman a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBEKB partner David Allman has been named as a ranked lawyer in the 2017 edition of the Chambers Latin America guide, in the category of Projects: Mining: Leading Canadian Firms – Latin America Wide. Chambers Latin America is a legal directory published by London, England-based Chambers and Partners, which publishes legal directories for jurisdictions around the world, including Latin America and Canada.

David’s mining law practice involves advising senior, mid-tier and junior mining clients on domestic and international mineral resource property transactions, as well as advising on corporate, commercial and securities matters. He has been involved in transactions involving mineral projects in Canada, Latin America, Africa and Eurasia. David has been ranked by Chambers Global as a leading lawyer for business, in the category of Projects: Mining: Leading Canadian Firms – Latin America Wide, since 2013.

Chambers employs more than 140 researchers full-time at their London office to investigate the factors and considerations of each lawyer being ranked. These researchers work throughout the year contacting lawyers and clients directly by telephone and email. Individual lawyers are ranked in their practice areas by legal knowledge, experience, ability, effectiveness and client service.

Congratulations, David!



Geoff Sherrott to Speak at BIV Business Excellence Series: Business Opportunities in Northern BC

Geoffrey Sherrott a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBEKB Partner, Geoff Sherrott, will be participating in a panel for Business in Vancouver’s Business Excellence Series: Business Opportunities in Northern BC, on September 27, 2016, at Terminal City Club. Geoff will discuss the legal issues surrounding opportunities to buy out, or buy into, businesses in northern British Columbia.

Many communities in northern B.C. have small and medium-sized businesses, mainly sole proprietor enterprises, whose goods and services are in increasing demand. The owners of these businesses are either ready to retire or expand their companies. In addition, an estimated $70 billion worth of industrial projects are planned for central and northern B.C., and this presents new investment opportunities for real estate development, retail, and industrial supply-chain businesses.

Geoff regularly prepares agreements for the purchase and sale of land and businesses, license agreements, loan and security documents, property leases, employment agreements, shareholders agreements and banking documents. He advises purchasers, owners, and tenants how best to address the environmental risk associated with owning an interest in land in British Columbia.

Geoffrey Sherrott

David Allman Speaks on Mining and Social Responsibility at 2016 Mexi-Can Forum on International Trade in Vancouver

EKB partner, David Allman, participated as a panelist in a panel discussion on the topic of “Mining, International Trade and Social Responsibility” at The Mexi-Can Forum on International Trade on September 7, 2016, in Vancouver, together with representatives from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Goldcorp. Inc.  The Forum was presented by The Society of Mexican Talent in British Columbia, a network of Mexican professionals, business people, students and others living in British Columbia.

David Allman

MCI Focus Interviews EKB’s Peter Brown about Globalaw Leadership Programme

Peter Brown, EKB’s Co-Managing Partner, is the Membership Committee Chair and an Executive Committee member of Globalaw. Peter was recently interviewed for MCI Focus about the Globalaw Leadership Programme (“GLP”).

EKB is a member of Globalaw, an international network of law firms with more than 110 firms in 85 jurisdictions. Globalaw instituted the GLP four years ago as a way to encourage younger lawyers to join and become leaders in Globalaw. The GLP allows current Globalaw leaders to nurture younger lawyers with the goal of growing future leaders from within the organization. This allows junior lawyers to gain experience and to network with fellow Globalaw network lawyers and it also enables Globalaw to achieve its long-term goals, including succession planning.

Read Peter’s interview regarding the Globalaw Leadership Programme.



Daniel Fetterly is Aviation Law Lawyer of the Year for 2017 Best Lawyers in Canada

Daniel Fetterly a business litigation lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBEKB is pleased to announce that Dan Fetterly, Associate Counsel, has been selected by his colleagues as a leading practitioner in Aviation and Product Liability Law, and he has been awarded Lawyer of the Year (2017) for Aviation Law in the 11th edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada.

Dan first began his practice in 1992, dedicating 23 professional years towards representing a variety of clients, with an emphasis on manufacturers of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft in numerous litigation matters arising from aviation accidents. He joined EKB as Associate Counsel in 2014, and maintains long-term relationships with his clients, achieving efficient and effective solutions to the claims made against them.

Best Lawyers is an international publication in nearly 70 countries that lists leading lawyers in 140 practice areas. A Lawyer of the Year is chosen for each practice area and geographical region, and we are proud to say that Dan Fetterly has been presented with Lawyer of the Year (2017) for Aviation Law in Vancouver. Dan has been recognized as a leading practitioner for Aviation Law in Best Lawyers continuously from 2008.

Congratulations, Dan!

Best Lawyers Lists Six From EKB in 11th Canada Edition

EKB Partners David Allman, Geoff Sherrott, and Rod Urquhart, along with EKB Associate Counsel Bill Hartley, Terry Stewart and Dan Fetterly, have been selected by their peers as leading practitioners in the following practice areas:

The methodology behind Best Lawyers is designed to encapsulate the opinions of leading lawyers regarding the professional abilities of their colleagues within the same geographical region, and legal practice area. The peer-reviewed listings are published in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Congratulations to David, Geoff, Rod, Bill, Terry and Dan!

Here you can find the full list of EKB’s lawyers in The Best Lawyers in Canada.

Rod Urquhart Profiled as Board Member of the UBC Peter A. Allard School of Law Alumni Association

EKB Partner, Rodney Urquhart, was recently interviewed for a Board Member Profile for the Peter A. Allard School of Law Alumni Association.

In his profile, Rod Urquhart (Class of ’85), discusses his career path, his role as a mentor to junior lawyers, and his involvement with the Peter A. Allard School of Law Alumni Association, including his role as past President of the Board of Directors.

As noted in the piece, Rod has been a teacher and mentor for many years; from pre-undergrad to present. Today, Rod continues to mentor younger lawyers as Co-Managing Partner at EKB. He also acts as an advisor for the current Board of Directors of the Allard School of Law Alumni Association.

Rodney Urquhart
Co-Managing Partner

Geoff Sherrott Named one of CLEBC’s “Most Prolific Volunteers: 1996 – 2016”

EKB is proud to announce that partner Geoff Sherrott has been named one of the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.’s “Most Prolific Volunteers: 1996 – 2016”. Geoff’s contributions to CLEBC over the years are too numerous to mention, but as noted in the piece, he has made over 30 contributions to CLE, including authoring multiple publications and presenting at numerous seminars and courses.

The contributions noted by CLEBC are only a fraction of the contributions that Geoff regularly makes to law students through his teaching at UBC’s Peter A. Allard School of Law and to our firm’s young lawyers through his ongoing mentorship.

EKB congratulates Geoff for this recognition and thanks him for his many contributions to continuing legal education.

Geoff Sherrott

David Allman to speak at Mexi-Can Forum on International Trade in Vancouver

EKB partner David Allman will be speaking at The Mexi-Can Forum on International Trade on September 7, 2016 in Vancouver.  He will be participating in a panel discussion entitled, “The Mining Industry, International Trade and Social Responsibility”, together with representatives from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Goldcorp. Inc. The Forum is presented by The Society of Mexican Talent in British Columbia.

David Allman

David Allman and Kelly Samuels to attend Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Annual Institute

David Allman and Kelly Samuels of EKB’s Natural Resources Team will be attending the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) Annual Institute in Squaw Valley, California July 21st to 23rd.  The RMMLF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the law and regulations relating to mining, oil and gas, water, public lands, energy, environmental protection, and related areas.  David Allman has been a  speaker and section co-chair at previous Annual Institutes.

David Allman

Bob Ward, Q.C. Retires

Robert Ward a business litigation lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKBAfter practicing with EKB for 45 years since joining the firm with Ron Bray in 1971, Bob Ward, Q.C., retired as of July 1, 2016.

Bob is a well-respected litigator whose skills and generosity as a mentor to his many juniors were recognized in November 2011, when he received the Peter S. Hyndman Mentorship Award, presented to him by the Vancouver Bar Association at its Annual General Meeting. The award is awarded annually to a member of the bar who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship to junior lawyers. Bob’s speech was published in the March 2012 edition of the Advocate.

We are honoured to have practiced with Bob and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Terry Stewart Named in 2016 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory

Lexpert, a leading Canadian legal publication, publishes its Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory annually. The Directory showcases leading lawyers in Canada in over 60 practice areas. With over 40 years in practice (all at EKB), Terry Stewart has been recognized in the 2016 Directory as a leading practitioner in the area of Asset Equipment Finance/Leasing. Terry practices business law, with a particular focus in the area of equipment sales and finance. His expertise includes operating and finance leases, financing of equipment dealerships, procurement contracts, factoring, drafting standard form contracts for financiers, and negotiating and settling commercial agreements involving equipment.

Here you can see Terry’s Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory profile.

Terry Stewart
Associate Counsel

Angela Folino EKB Litigation Partner quoted in Vancouver Sun regarding Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act

EKB Litigation Partner Angela Folino is mentioned in “Erring on the side of caution, universities put young women at risk” featured in the June 15th edition of the Vancouver Sun. Angela is also quoted in “B.C.’s sexual misconduct bill may hinder more than help students” featured in the June 16th edition of the Vancouver Sun. These articles, authored by Daphne Bramham, discuss sexual assaults at BC Post-Secondary institutions and Angela was interviewed regarding the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act.


Angela Folino appointed to the Board of Directors of the Law Courts Inn

The Law Courts Inn, located in the Vancouver Law Courts, is operated by the not-for-profit Lawyers’ Inn Society. The objects of the Society are to foster and promote understanding, cooperation, the exchange of ideas and comradeship among all members of the legal profession and to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of interest to its members.

The Inn is currently undergoing a revitalization and is about to embark on a renovation to its premises. Its directors are working diligently to assist in this process and have instituted new programming and events, including its Lunching with Leaders series.

Angela was appointed to the Board of Directors at the recent AGM held on May 26, 2016 and is looking forward to contributing to the Inn’s revitalization efforts.

Access Pro Bono names David Turner a Top 10 Civil Chambers volunteer

Providing access to legal services that are unavailable to many in our community is a duty that EKB lawyers believe that they owe. As such, we are proud that EKB partner David E. Turner was named as one of the top ten Civil Chambers Program Volunteers for 2015 at the Access Pro Bono Appreciation Breakfast on April 21, 2016.

The Civil Chambers project involves volunteer lawyers from Vancouver-area law firms providing pro bono legal assistance and representation to unrepresented low- and modest-income litigants appearing in civil chambers both in BC Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

EKB scores quick win for Mike Babcock in hotel dispute

EKB obtains summary trial dismissal in the face of clear conflicts on the affidavit evidence

EKB lawyers David Turner and Laura Morrison recently obtained a summary trial win despite clear and undeniable conflicts on the evidence on the key issue. In Colter Developments Ltd. v. Squamish JV Ltd., 2016 BCSC 354, our client, Mike Babcock, was sued personally in a claim by a number of construction companies with respect to the failed construction of a Holiday Inn located in Squamish, British Columbia.

The claim alleged that at a Detroit Red Wings practice in 2009, principals of the plaintiff companies met with Mr. Babcock to discuss the difficulties they were experiencing with the construction. The plaintiffs claimed essentially that at the hockey practice Mr. Babcock promised personally that they would be paid. Mr. Babcock denied making any such promise to the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs argued the case was not suitable for summary trial because of the conflicting affidavits. After reviewing the applicable law, the court disagreed, finding that “there are conflicting affidavits but other evidence makes it possible to find the facts necessary for judgment.”

The Court found it relevant that Mr. Babcock was only an investor in the project, and not a manager or businessman:

[11] Michael Babcock is an investor in the hotel project …Until late 2009, he had no active involvement in VW Hotels. He is a professional hockey coach. At the time of these events he coached the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League as well as Canada’s national hockey team for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The court canvassed the law of negligent misrepresentation and certainty of terms in contract and also referenced the many discrepancies between the plaintiffs’ version of events and the documentary evidence. The court found that the allegations of negligent misrepresentation could not succeed on the law. The court found that many of the allegations in the law of contract did not have the necessary certainty of terms, and those few allegations that did were “inherently unlikely” on the facts.

The court dismissed the case against Mr. Babcock with costs.

The case is noteworthy because it signals that courts are willing to dismiss actions at summary trial, even in cases where the traditional wisdom is that a full trial would be required to assess credibility. It was an aggressive tactic, but the summary trial success resulted in significant savings in fees, time and inconvenience for our busy client. The full decision can be found here. A Globe and Mail article on the decision can be found here.

David Turner

EKB’s Website Wins “Best in Class” Honour in the Interactive Media Awards

We’re proud to announce that the firm’s website,, has won the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) “Best in Class” Award in the ‘Legal’ category.

The firm partnered with fSquared Marketing, a leading consulting firm that provides law firms with strong marketing leadership and expertise in strategic planning, client development, branding, websites and lawyer training. “We launched our website in October 2015 and it has received great feedback from the market,” said EKB Co-Managing Partner, Peter Brown “We hope our clients and broader audience continue to find our site a useful tool in their search for excellent legal advice.”

As per the IMA, “The Best in Class award is the highest honor bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism. In order to win this award level, a site had to successfully pass through a comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of the judging criteria – an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each year.”

For more information please contact Peter Brown, Co-Managing Partner, EKB or Lynn Foley, Partner & CEO, fSquared Marketing.

John McInnis Retires

After 36 years of practice, all of them at EKB, John McInnis is retiring effective January 1, 2016. John joined the firm as a summer student and went on to article with us before being admitted to the bar on May 12, 1980. He became a partner in 1985 and then associate counsel on March 1, 2012. His practice has been focused on natural resources and mining. John’s contribution to EKB and to the practice of law will not soon be forgotten. Globalaw recently published an interview of John in its Talking Business Newsletter, which you can read here: John McInnis Interview on GlobalMine Initiative.

Please join us in bidding John a warm farewell.

New Brand. New Look. Same Commitment to Excellence.

As we celebrate 50 years of providing excellent legal advice to the businesses of British Columbia, Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP is pleased to announce a new brand – EKB.

We’ve updated our brand in order to reflect the creativity and practicality of our law firm’s approach. Our mission remains the same as ever: to be our clients’ trusted advisors and to offer them unparalleled service.

EKB partners and associates are not just lawyers. We’re also business people who know how business is done in British Columbia. We pride ourselves on offering innovative strategic advice to our clients.

Our new brand identity pays tribute to our law firm’s founding partners, the Honourable Jack T. Edwards and the Honourable John Bouck, who were both later appointed to British Columbia’s Supreme Court. Brenton D. Kenny, Q.C., who remains Associate Counsel with the firm, and Ronald C. Bray followed. They developed a reputation for business acumen and superior client service, attributes that are the basis of everything we do today.

We remain committed to a tradition of excellence that EKB aims to carry on for another fifty years.

Best Lawyers in Canada 2016 Recognizes EKB Lawyers

Congratulations to Daniel Fetterly, David Allman, Geoffrey Sherrott, John McInnis, Rodney Urquhart, Terence Stewart and William Hartley for being recognized in the 2016 edition of Best Lawyers in Canada. Daniel has been selected for Aviation Law, David for Mining Law, Geoffrey for Corporate Law, John for Mining Law and Natural Resources Law, Rodney for Business and Commercial Litigation, Terence for Corporate Law and Equipment Finance Law and William for Mergers & Acquisitions Law. Selection to Best Lawyers is based on a peer-review survey and evaluations by top lawyers.

Scott Howie joins EKB’s Business Law Team

EKB is pleased to announce Scott Howie has joined the firm as an Associate. Scott will join the corporate department and has a general corporate/commercial practice.



Scott Howie, EKB Associate

Adam Barker joins EKB’s Business Law and Securities Law Practice Groups

EKB is pleased to announce that Adam J. Barker has joined the firm as an Associate.

Adam has experience in representing both private and public companies on a wide range of transactions, including asset and share acquisitions and dispositions, corporate reorganizations, shareholder agreements, joint ventures, and various forms of going public transactions and financings.


Globalaw – 20th Anniversary Commemorative Newspaper Released

EKB is a member of Globalaw, a network of 115 law firms and 4,500 lawyers, with a presence in 160 cities around the world. As a result of EKB’s membership in Globalaw, we are able to help provide our clients with access to quality legal services around the world. The global reach you need from the local law firm you trust.

Follow the attached link to download Globalaw’s Commemorative Newspaper honouring the network’s 20th anniversary.

Daniel Fetterly joins EKB’s Business Litigation Team

EKB is pleased to announce that Daniel Fetterly has joined the firm as Associate Counsel.

Mr. Fetterly has almost two decades of experience in aviation product liability defence work, both fixed-wing and rotary, and with other aviation related litigation. He also has extensive experience in other product liability cases. He has acted for defendants in numerous cases involving serious personal injuries, including mild, moderate and severe brain injuries, as well as in several wrongful death cases.

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Daniel Fetterly Profile Picture

Daniel Fetterly, EKB Associate Counsel


Stephen D. Gill Retires

Stephen D. Gill will be retiring from EKB effective June 30, 2014. Stephen has had a distinguished career for over 40 years’ in aviation insurance claims, aviation related products liability claims, employment, corporate/commercial, securities, construction and alternate dispute resolutions. Stephen joined EKB after serving as a law clerk to Justice Emmett Hall in the Supreme Court of Canada.

The entire EKB team thanks Stephen for his outstanding service to his clients, EKB and to the legal community and wish him well in his retirement.

EKB Welcomes Laura Morrison to our Business Litigation Team

EKB is pleased to announce that Laura Morrison has joined the firm as an associate.

Ms. Morrison obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in 2009 and a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2013. She was called to the British Columbia Bar on May 15, 2014 after completing her articles at EKB.

Ms. Morrison has joined our business litigation team and has a general litigation practice.

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Laura Morrison Profile Picture

Laura Morrison, EKB Associate


Geoffrey Sherrott Receives Award from UBC’s Faculty of Law

EKB is pleased to announce that Geoffrey Sherrott is this year’s recipient of the UBC Faculty of Law, Adam Albright Outstanding Adjunct Professor Award. The Law Students Society annually presents one adjunct faculty member with the Adam Albright Award for Outstanding Teaching by an Adjunct Professor. Recipients of this award are both nominated and selected by students. Geoff teaches a Real Estate Transactions course at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law.

EKB’s Aviation Law Tradition Continues

In October 2013, The Honourable Jack Edwards, Q.C., now retired, was recognized by The Canadian Bar Association (article here) as an aviator, lawyer and judge and was a leading practitioner in the field of aviation law.

EKB is pleased that Jack’s legacy in aviation law continues with the recognition of our current lawyers who are leaders in the area of aviation and transportation law. Robert Ward, Q.C. is professionally recognized in the International Who’s Who of Aviation Lawyers 2014 and Stephen Gill is listed as a “Leading Practitioner” for aviation in the Canadian LEXPERT directory and The Best Lawyers in Canada.

David Turner and Angela Folino are also members of EKB’s aviation practice team.

EKB Partners to Attend the Globalaw Annual Members Meeting in Perth

EKB partners Peter Brown and David Turner will be attending the Globalaw Annual Members Meeting in Perth, Australia next month. Globalaw is one of the world’s leading law firm networks, comprising over 100 independent law firms with approximately 4,500 lawyers practising in over 80 countries worldwide. EKB is a founding member of Globalaw. Peter Brown is a member of the Globalaw board of directors. David Turner, while now an EKB partner, will be completing his term as a participant in the Globalaw Associate Development Program.

EKB Lawyers Attend the 2013 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention

David S. Allman and John D. McInnis of EKB’s Mining Law group recently attended the 2013 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention in Toronto, the world’s largest mining industry convention with over 30,000 registrants. John and David attended both as representatives of EKB’s Natural Resources Industry Group, and as EKB representatives of Globalmine, an international network of law firms which practice in the mining sector. David and John were pleased to see familiar faces, catch up with clients and friends, and make new acquaintances in the mining industry.

EKB Welcomes David Turner as a New Partner

The partners of EKB are pleased to welcome David Turner as a new partner of the firm. Mr. Turner joined EKB in 2006 after articling with the firm. Mr. Turner obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria in 2000 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of British Columbia in 2005. He was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2006 after completing his articles at EKB. Mr. Turner has a civil litigation practice with a focus on contract disputes, employment law, family law and wills and estates litigation.

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David Turner Profile Picture

David Turner, EKB Partner

Chambers Global 2013 Includes Two EKB Lawyers

The respected Chambers Global 2013 world lawyer rating directory, released March 15, 2013, lists EKB’s “highly experienced” partner David S. Allman for his mining law work in Latin America and EKB partner Gary Letcher as a “highly rated” noted practitioner in Environmental Law.

EKB Lawyers in Who’s Who Legal: Canada 2012

EKB’s is pleased to announce that three of our lawyers, Gary Letcher, John McInnis and David Allman, are named as leading practitioners in their areas of practice in Who’s Who Legal: Canada 2012. Gary Letcher is recognized as a leading practitioner in environment law and for his experience in advising on contaminated sites, acid mine drainage and sustainability issues. John McInnis and David Allman are named as leading practitioners in the area of mining law. John McInnis is recognized for his work on high profile negotiations for joint ventures relating to mineral exploration. David Allman is recognized for his work on advising clients of all levels on domestic and international mining issues.

Jindy Bhalla Appointed as a Non-Bencher Member of the Law Society Audit Committee

Congratulations to Jindy Bhalla on his recent appointment as a non-bencher member of the Law Society Audit Committee.

The Law Society Audit Committee assists the Benchers in determining that the financial affairs of the Society are properly managed by Law Society staff. This includes reviewing quarterly financial statements of the General, Liability Insurance and Special Compensation Funds prior to submission to the Benchers, providing an annual Audit Committee report to the Benchers and reviewing with the Law Society auditors their approach, the scope of their audit and the audit issue results.

Jindy’s appointment continues EKB’s long tradition of involvement with the Law Society of British Columbia.