Buying & Selling a Business in BC

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Buying or selling a business is a complex affair. There are many aspects to consider, the structure of the deal, financing, and your contractual obligations.

Successfully navigating all this complexity requires good business sense, strategy, and ongoing guidance from trusted experts. At EKB, we have over fifty years’ experience helping clients to obtain favourable outcomes in their transactions. Whether you’re looking to purchase a promising business or looking to achieve a successful exit, we’re here to help.

Every transaction is unique, but there are some common pitfalls to avoid, just as there are strategies that have been proven to work. EKB is committed to helping businesses succeed, which is why we’ve made our guide to Buying and Selling a Business freely accessible to you.

EKB’s “Buying & Selling a Business In BC” Team

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Geoffrey Sherrott a business lawyer at the Vancouver law firm EKB
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