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Navigating the Impact of Coronavirus on BC Business

EKB is providing regular updates to help business leaders in British Columbia understand the legal implications of COVID-19 and the impact on business. The situation is changing constantly and the full ramifications of this global pandemic remain to be seen. Our lawyers will be monitoring the situation closely in order to provide you with timely insights to help you manage risk and chart a path through these challenges. We’ll be updating this page regularly, so we recommend bookmarking it and be sure to check in for the latest insights. Stay safe and stay informed.


COVID-19 Related Insights


EKB continues to monitor and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and our clients, our communities and the health or our employees remains foremost in our minds.

Clients should know that we do have business continuity plans in place which will allow us to continue to operate and adapt with as little disruption as possible.  We continue to monitor information as it unfolds and have implemented proactive measures as necessary.  Information regarding the COVID-19 virus is being obtained from the B.C. Health Authority and other government agencies, medical experts and the World Health Organization.

We are able to continue operating effectively on your behalf from remote locations and can continue to provide excellent service for your business and legal needs.  Our technology, data and security systems have been tested and will continue to be monitored during any office closure.  Non-essential travel policies have been implemented and quarantine protocols are in place.  Our office building and premises have cleaning protocols in place.  If necessary, client meetings will be moved to teleconferencing or be rescheduled.  Employees know the procedures to follow in the event that they become ill or have concerns about having been exposed to the virus.

We will continue to monitor daily the information as it is received and, in the event that office closure becomes a necessity, we have the ability to continue to be responsive to your legal and business needs.

Be assured that EKB is committed to assist you!

D. Rodney Urquhart
Managing Partner

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