EKB Partner Angela Folino Appointed Vice President of the Lawyers’ Inn Society

EKB Partner Angela Folino was acclaimed as the Vice President of the Lawyers’ Inn Society at its Annual General Meeting held on May 17, 2017. She will be serving her term alongside President Naz Mitha, Secretary Peter Roberts, and Treasurer Emily Chee. Angela was first elected to the Lawyers’ Inn Society’s Board of Directors in May 2016.

The Lawyers’ Inn Society, established in 1972, operates the Law Courts Inn. The mission of the Lawyers’ Inn Society is to foster and promote understanding, cooperation, the exchange of ideas and comradeship among all members of the legal profession, and to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of interest to its members. The Law Courts Inn restaurant is located in the Supreme Court Courthouse in Vancouver. It has hosted many events for the Bench and Bar of our province and is a favoured spot among couples as a wedding venue.

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