All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala, Co-chaired by EKB Partner Dave Turner, Raises Funds for Childhood Arthritis Research

The second annual All-In-For-Arthritis Poker Gala, co-chaired by EKB Partner Dave Turner and Chris Vescey, HSBC Assistant Vice President, brought together a full-house to raise funds for research into childhood arthritis.

EKB Partner and Lawyer David Turner and Chris Vescey, HSBC, co-chair the 2018 All in For Arthritis Poker Gala 2018

Chris Vescey, HSBC Assistant Vice President, and Dave Turner, EKB Partner, chaired the Texas Hold-em poker tournament

200 cardplayers from B.C.’s business and corporate sector assembled at Terminal City Club, going all-in to support an important and often overlooked cause. While every participant tried to put on a poker face, in the end, they could not hide their generosity. The gala raised nearly $100,000 to be used for research.

The Arthritis Society estimates that “as many as 24,000 Canadian children aged 18 and under live with a form of arthritis”. A complicated condition, there are hundreds of types of arthritis all requiring further study.

The Province captured the gratitude of Christine Basque, executive director of the Arthritis Society, B.C. and Yukon Region: “Thank you to everyone. Every dollar raised tonight will help take us closer to our goal — a goal we all share — to stop childhood arthritis in its track.”