Figure 1 Publishing

Figure 1 Publishing is an independently owned, Vancouver-based publisher of books by leading thinkers and illustrators. Through EKB’s library of legal knowledge, Figure 1 was able to create a new corporate story.

“EKB has played an instrumental role in our evolution,” says Chris Labonté. “They’ve provided us with very thoughtful and practical legal business advice that has helped us to focus on the work we love—publishing books.”

Figure 1 Publishing is Canada’s leading publisher of high-quality illustrated books in the areas of art, architecture, design, and food, as well as the foremost publisher of business books with a particular focus on corporate history. Based in Vancouver, Figure 1 has partnered with organizations and individuals across the country, including TELUS, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, The Dirty Apron Cooking School, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Former senior managers of the now-dissolved D&M Publishing, Chris Labonté and Richard Nadeau set out to establish a new publishing company that follows a completely different way of doing business in the publishing industry. Working with authors and organizations that pay the cost of publishing, Figure 1 looks after all of their editing, design, distribution, sales, and marketing needs. Figure 1 has published more than 42 books since its inception in 2013, including several national bestsellers. Figure 1 distributes its print and eBooks widely throughout the North American retail market, into Europe and beyond. Figure 1 is a young, vibrant company that has proven how to thrive in an ever-changing, always challenging publishing industry.

EKB worked with Chris and Richard to help refine the corporate structure of Figure 1 Publishing shortly after it commenced operating. From advising them on shareholdings to assisting with corporate governance, EKB has provided legal guidance to Figure 1 to help advance its corporate presence in the publishing industry. EKB continues to assist Figure 1 Publishing with its legal needs.