Financial Services

There are many challenges facing financial institutions and financial services providers in today’s environment. Increased regulation. Compressed margins. More competition. It’s important to have lawyers who know the sector and the people in it. EKB is at the forefront of the rapidly changing financial services sector.

In particular, we have extensive experience with BC-based financial institutions. In addition to acting for federally regulated financial institutions with head offices in BC, we have acted for over half of the credit unions in the BC credit union system. We have acted for some of the largest credit unions and for some of the smallest. We have been involved with almost every credit union merger in BC since 2000. We are also at the forefront of helping credit unions cooperate together by setting up and operating credit union service organizations (CUSOs).

Our Financial Services Group is a leader in the fintech market space. Whether it be payment services and platforms, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, data protection, crowdfunding or regulatory compliance for fintech products and services, we are able to help a broad range of clients, from large financial institutions to small entrepreneurial start-ups. The EKB Fintech Blog provides insights on developments in this rapidly growing sector.

We regularly represent financial institutions and other financial services providers in payment card solutions, banking system software negotiations, securitizations and financings, mergers and acquisitions, privacy and data protection, AML, corporate governance, interaction with regulatory agencies and general regulatory compliance. We can help you succeed through the challenges, and seize upon the opportunities, in the financial services sector.