Dave Turner Presents at Arthritis and Work Symposium on Employment Law

Arthritis is the most prevalent long-term health condition in Canada, affecting over 6 million people. That is more than the population of Toronto and Greater Vancouver combined.

Recently, Dave Turner, a partner at EKB, presented at the Arthritis Talks symposium, “Arthritis & Work”—part of a nationwide series of educational events being held by the Arthritis Society to help raise awareness of the condition’s impact in the workplace. During the event, health care experts and legal professionals shared insights for both employees and employers.

“The impact that arthritis has on the workforce is far greater than most people understand,” Dave said in an interview with Times Colonist. “Statistically, everyone knows someone who has arthritis; it just doesn’t seem that way because many working-age employees cover it up. Hopefully, some of my discussions will help employers recognize how to work with an employee living with arthritis.”

This chronic condition is not just a health care issue—it has serious ramifications for the Canadian economy. Arthritis is a leading cause of disability and work limitations in Canada. More than half of working-age Canadians with arthritis report that they are not in the workforce; this is twice the proportion of those without arthritis.

There are no easy answers to addressing arthritis in the workplace. The Arthritis Society offers an important source of information and support. Dave can provide legal guidance to employers and employees facing these issues.

Dave Turner and EKB are proud to continue to support the Arthritis Society, as it works to improve the lives of the millions of Canadians who live with arthritis.