Nothing Fishy About Strong Tradex Relationship

Tradex Inc LogoTradex Foods Inc. is a global seafood supplier that sets itself apart by, among other things, its commitment to sustainability.

As evidenced by its certification with the Marine Stewardship Council and its pledge to the National Fisheries Institute’s Economic Integrity Commitment, Tradex stands out in its field as company dedicated to a better way to conduct business. Tradex also stands out for its efforts against fraud in the industry. Its School of Fish program stands as an example to others in the industry.

“I’m proud to be part of the extended Tradex team. Their commitment to sustainability is inspirational no matter what industry you’re in.”  Dave Turner, EKB Partner

EKB has worked closely with both of Tradex’s Canadian offices in Victoria and Montreal for the past 12 years, dealing with matters ranging from shipping disputes to insurance advice. EKB is proud of its long history working with Tradex Foods Inc.


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