COVID-19 Update: $350 Million Emergency Community Support

On April 21, 2020, the Federal Government announced that it would be setting up a $350 million Emergency Community Support Program (the “Community Program”) for community groups and national charities that assist seniors, the homeless, and others made more vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Community Program is intended to provide financial support for activities such as:

  • Volunteer-based home delivery of groceries and medications.
  • Transportation services, such as those driving seniors or persons with disabilities to appointments.
  • Scaling up help lines that provide information and support.
  • Helping vulnerable Canadians access government benefits.
  • Delivering training and supplies to volunteers.
  • Replacing in-person, one-on-one contact and social gatherings with virtual contact through telephone, texts, teleconferences or the Internet.

As the Community Program has only recently been announced, we expect to provide more details as they become available.

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