COVID-19 Update: E-Filing and Desk Order Applications

Pursuant to Covid-19 Notice No. 12, effective April 20, 2020, Court Services Online will allow e-filing through the use of a BCeID account for the following civil applications, which will continue to be processed during the period that normal court operations are suspended due to COVID-19.

Civil Desk Order Applications:

  • Consent applications pursuant to Rule 8-3 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules;
  • Applications of which notice is not required pursuant to Rule 8-4 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules; and
  • Requisition Proceedings under Rule 2-1(2) brought pursuant to Rule 17-1 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules.

Applications That Cannot Be Processed:

Default orders on applications that would ordinarily be deemed unopposed because a response has not been filed within the prescribed time period cannot be processed during the Suspension Period, regardless of the method of filing, unless the time to file a response expired before the Suspension Period began.

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