Kelly Samuels to Share Blockchain Insights at Business in Vancouver’s Panel Discussion

EKB Partner and Business Lawyer Kelly Samuels will be discussing blockchain as a panelist this Thursday, January 18th, at the Business in Vancouver Understanding Blockchain event.    

Flip through the business section of any paper and you will likely spot the word “Blockchain”, the ledger behind Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may get the majority of the headlines, but blockchain, the underlying technology, has the potential to create disruptions all across the financial industry, as a secure and transparent digital ledger, and to transform how businesses in diverse industries carry out secure transactions, through the use of smart contracts.

For all its potential, blockchain is often misunderstood, met with skepticism, or dismissed as a passing fad. Kelly Samuels and the other BIV panelists will be addressing common misconceptions while exploring the opportunities for businesses in BC.

As with any transformative technology, fintech raises new legal issues. Blockchain may be digital and decentralized, but it is still subject to laws related to commercial transactions, financial services, privacy, and security regulations, and often the regulatory framework of multiple jurisdictions. Our EKB Fintech Blog tracks developments at the intersection of financial technology and the law.

Businesses looking to make use of blockchain and fintech will need to successfully navigate a complex regulatory framework. With experience advising both established financial services companies and startups, Kelly Samuels and the EKB Financial Services Team are ready to provide assistance in this complex and promising area.