EKB Lawyers Attend Globalaw Annual Members Meeting in Dallas

Four EKB lawyers are attending Globalaw’s 2018 Annual Members Meeting, held this year in Dallas, Texas. This event is an opportunity to meet and share knowledge with our fellow lawyers and to learn from the perspective of general counsel and clients.

All around the world, technological innovation is confronting businesses with both opportunity and risk, from the possibilities of blockchain to cybersecurity concerns. Many companies are also becoming more international in their focus and must meet regulatory regimes across multiple jurisdictions. Global challenges and opportunities call for a global legal network, committed to providing businesses with exceptional, personalized legal services. Over the course of this annual meeting, EKB will learn from experts in diverse areas so that we can continue to advise our clients from a position of in-depth knowledge.

We are also proud to share our own areas of expertise with fellow Globalaw members. Kelly Samuels, partner, will be sharing insights as a panelist during a talk titled: “Bitcoin and Beyond – The Impact of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies on Business and the Law”.

Taking place on Friday, October 26th, this session will explore recent developments and legal implications of:

  • The broader adoption of cryptocurrencies
  • The continued development of smart contracts
  • Blockchain-based health data and medical records
  • Government adoption of blockchain for real estate title records and financing documents.
  • Blockchain use cases in the energy industry

Peter Brown, EKB partner, is also in attendance and serves on Globalaw’s board of directors and is the chair of the network’s membership committee. Riley LaLonde is participating in the 2018 Globalaw Leadership Program. Rod Urquhart is participating in a Managing Partners meeting. EKB is Globalaw’s sole representative in British Columbia.

Collaboration is a core value for our firm and for the more than 100 independent law firms that make up Globalaw’s international network. By working together, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. As Peter Brown observed: “By fostering ties with law firms internationally, EKB has represented clients from many countries and brought global legal services to our BC-based clients.”