EKB & Globalaw: Areas of Eminence of North American Member Firms

Authored by Angela Folino and Peter Brown

EKB is a member of Globalaw, an international network of independent law firms providing access to legal services for clients all over the world. In an effort to ensure that each of the North American Globalaw member firms can properly share information about their respective specialized or unique areas of practice, EKB participated in an effort to compile that information into a document listing each firm’s “areas of eminence”. That effort resulted in the creation of this listing of Globalaw North American Member Firms’ specialized and unique practices.

EKB is proud to have developed niche practice areas in corporate asset equipment leasing and financing, aviation litigation, regulatory and administrative law, mining and natural resources, financial institutions (including FinTech and Credit Unions), construction and builders’ lien litigation and shareholder and business partnership disputes, among others.

With the truly global reach of the Globalaw network, EKB is well-positioned to assist clients in many areas of corporate/commercial law in 85 countries.