Information & Privacy

  • There are many laws in Canada that impact on privacy and the protection of personal information. A number of local, provincial and federal agencies regulate compliance with those laws. Most businesses are subject to any number of them and it is important to our clients that they understand what is required of them.

    Having worked with a broad base of clients whose businesses fall within local, provincial and federal regulation, the EKB team has extensive experience in ensuring that our clients adhere to the rights and obligations surrounding privacy.

    We have experience in helping clients properly respond to requests for information so that privacy laws are adhered to. We understand and advise clients concerning their obligations on the collection and uses that cannot be made of personal information, be it in relation to employees or in the context of a commercial activity.

    We understand that the world has and is continuing to embrace the use of electronic documents and help our clients understand the unique requirements that the law demands for their proper use.

    Each of our corporate clients must have a plan in place to deal with privacy issues. We work to ensure that their plans are compliant with local, provincial or federal rules, as applicable.