What to Expect

EKB values its students. Our summer and full articling programs are designed to set you up for success.

Summer Articling Program

EKB offers summer articles to students following their second year of law school. Our aim is to hire students who will become future articling students, associates, and partners of the firm.

The work undertaken by summer students is similar to that undertaken by articled students and can range from legal research and memos to drafting contracts and pleadings. EKB’s lawyers are also encouraged to invite students to meetings, examinations for discovery, and court appearances.

Summer students are also encouraged to participate in EKB’s Professional Development Program. As part of the firm’s Mentoring Program, each summer student is assigned a principal mentor, a partner who provides one-on-one guidance on matters including professional responsibility, file management, client relations, and office and practice procedures. Each summer student is also assigned an associate mentor, who is available to answer questions and help guide the training of the student.

In addition to the competitive compensation and benefits students will receive, EKB will pay $5,000 towards student tuition fees for the following academic year and a $500 third year book allowance.

Full Articling Program

EKB’s full articling program is designed to give students a positive, productive, well-rounded and supportive learning experience. Students are exposed to all areas of practice and are involved in the daily operations of the firm, enabling them to improve their legal skills and assist in providing service to clients

There are three primary aspects to EKB’s articling program:


After a comprehensive orientation and training program, students begin in either a litigator or solicitor rotation which lasts approximately four months. They then switch rotations to ensure that they have been given sufficient experience in each area. These rotations are followed by a short general rotation, in which students can expect to receive work from both solicitors and litigators.

EKB’s rotation system offers students exposure to the various areas of law practiced at the firm. During each rotation, students work closely with our lawyers practicing in these areas. Students’ work includes legal research and writing, participation in client meetings, examinations for discovery, trials, negotiations as well as preparation of correspondence, agreements, wills, and pleadings

Professional Development

EKB is committed to our students’ professional development. To enhance their legal knowledge, students are encouraged to attend Continuing Legal Education seminars and other professional courses at which leading practitioners provide current information on a variety of topics including legal research and writing, drafting business agreements, trial advocacy, and important updates and developments in Canadian, US, and international law.

EKB’s Professional Development Program also offers students a wide range of professional development lectures which are presented in-house at EKB’s lunch & learns and through other presentations organized by EKB’s PDP Committee. The topics vary between specific legal issues and ethics/practice management issues.


The learning experience doesn’t end after law school. EKB is proud of our tradition of providing ongoing mentorship to our students and junior lawyers to help them learn the profession and grow their practices. As part of our Mentoring Program, each student is assigned a principal mentor who is a partner of the firm. The principal mentor is there to provide one-on-one guidance on matters including professional responsibility, client relations, file management, and office and practice procedures. Each student is also assigned an associate mentor, who is available to answer questions and help guide the student’s training.

EKB encourages students to fulfill their Professional Legal Training Course requirements prior to articling, but we’re willing to accommodate the scheduling needs of individual students. Many of our past and present students have clerked with courts at various levels in different jurisdictions. EKB encourages students who are interested in this valuable experience to apply for a clerkship.

Current Associate

Hailey Pattenden

Hailey joined EKB as an articling student in 2021. She received a BA in art history prior to obtaining a JD from the University of British Columbia. Here, Hailey talks about her experience as an articling student at the firm.

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Current Associate

Ian van den Dolder

Ian joined EKB as an associate in 2018 after articling with the firm. He practices business law, representing clients in a variety of industries. Here, Ian discusses what it’s like to become an associate after articling with the firm.

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Current Partner

Kelly Samuels

Kelly has been with EKB since 2004 when she first started as a summer articling student. As corporate counsel, Kelly advises clients on a wide range of business matters. Here, Kelly talks about her career, from student to partner.

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