Canadian Regulators Approve World’s First Bitcoin ETF for Individual Investors

March 15th
In a milestone moment for cryptocurrency investments, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF—the world’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund—began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BTCC. The Ontario... READ MORE

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Revolutionary changes to complex systems often have humble beginnings. Double-entry-bookkeeping, for instance, grew from a minor section of a Franciscan monk’s mathematics encyclopedia in 15th-century Venice to the foundation of modern accounting. Now, blockchain, a system which allows connected computers to maintain a single updated ledger, seems poised to restructure stock exchanges, the core infrastructure of capital markets. Blockchain,... READ MORE
TMX Group to Launch Cryptocurrency Brokerage Cryptocurrency investors rejoice! TMX Group, the operator of Canada’s leading stock exchange, has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shorcan Digital Currency Network, will partner with a specialist in decentralized financial services, Paycase Financial, to launch a cryptocurrency brokerage service. The partnering will use BMO Financial Group’s payment and settlement infrastructure and Paycase’s cryptocurrency... READ MORE
Digital advertising giants ban cryptocurrency ads Recently, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have moved to ban cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advertising from their platforms. The move is largely a response to a lack of clear regulation in the sector and opportunistic, scam-laden advertisements. Facebook, the first of the three tech giants to announce a ban of this nature,... READ MORE
The U.S. government has blocked the acquisition of U.S. money transfer company MoneyGram International Inc. by Ant Financial, a mobile wallet company and an affiliate of the large Chinese e-commerce, retail, and technology firm Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Ant Financial had initially announced its intention to acquire MoneyGram in January 2017. On January 2, 2018, the companies announced the... READ MORE
Applications of Existing Legislation/Securities Law to ICOs While some jurisdictions have taken a hostile approach to ICOs, such as the bans by Korea and China, discussed in Part 1 of our 2 part series on international regulation of ICOs, a more measured approach is more common. Many jurisdictions have taken the stance that ICOs can and should be regulated... READ MORE
Background, Bans, and ICO Outliers Over the past few weeks there have been a number of interesting developments in the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs, sometimes referred to as Initial Token Offerings or ITOs), so we decided to take this opportunity to summarize the state of ICO regulation worldwide. (For an overview of ICOs, see our recent blog... READ MORE
Peer-to-peer lending, (often abbreviated as P2P lending) is a form of debt financing whereby individuals and businesses lend money using online platforms that connect investors and borrowers rather than using traditional intermediates, such as banks. P2P lending is not a new concept (companies like Zopa in the UK and Prosper and Lending Club in the US have been around... READ MORE
The “Regtech” sector is transforming regulatory compliance and risk management by using new technology to automate and streamline previously costly processes. The current regulatory environment in many Canadian industries features increasingly complex regimes that produce substantial compliance costs for industry participants. In many larger organizations, this has necessitated entire departments dedicated to ensuring compliance. Regulation also creates substantial barriers... READ MORE
An ICO, or initial coin offering (or sometimes an ITO or an initial token offering) is a relatively new – and recently much talked about – fundraising method. ICOs involve pre-selling a portion of a newly issued cryptographic currency. Investors receive cryptographic “coins” or “tokens” in exchange for other established types of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ether, or... READ MORE

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