Fintech Comparative Guide: Canada

Artistic representation of fintech landscape in Canada

EKB lawyers Kelly Samuels and Russell Allsup have authored a Fintech Comparative Guide for Canada.

Published by Mondaq, this Guide provides an overview of the following topics as they pertain to Canada:

  • Legal and enforcement framework
  • Fintech market
  • Technologies
  • Key activities and legal issues
  • Data security and cybersecurity
  • Financial crime
  • Competition
  • Innovation
  • Talent acquisition
  • Trends and predictions
  • Tips and traps

The future of fintech is bright in Canada. For proof of growth, look to the number of startups entering the market, the numerous partnerships between fintechs and traditional financial institutions, or to the improving regulatory environment.

Regulators have taken an interest in fostering fintech: the Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) fintech “regulatory sandbox” being one noteworthy example. Canadian consumers have also increased their use, including of payment and budgeting platforms. Overall, however, adoption of the technology in Canada trails that of many other nations, such as China and India.

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