EKB Partner Kelly Samuels Presents on Fintech at CBA West Conference

EKB Partner Kelly Samuels presented at the CBA West Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 17, 2017. Along with recognized fintech legal expert, Christine Duhaime, Kelly presented on the topic of innovation in the financial sector and the disruption of traditional currency models.

Bitcoin” is a term that has been in the news almost daily with its price volatility (and specifically its significant jumps in value), but fintech encompasses more than just virtual currency. Peer to peer lending platforms, crowdfunding, robo-advising, money transfer technologies and initial coin offerings are some examples of disruptive financial technologies. Numerous legal issues can arise with respect to the regulation of companies active in this space. To learn more about developments in this sector, follow the EKB Fintech blog.

Kelly and Christine discussed these and other issues in their presentation.

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